Years of lending knowledge for $0

At Fountain Finance, we offer our service at no charge^. As a brokerage, we earn payment for our services through commissions from lenders, so you can tap into our knowledge of lending while saving yourself a lot of legwork at no cost to you. The commission earned by our brokers from lenders does not affect the deal you will get from brokers. Lenders receive a significant amount of business through brokers, so it is in their best interest to work closely with brokers and offer their customers competitive loans.

What makes us different?

At Fountain Finance, the primary aim is to help people and businesses obtain the optimum finance solution to achieve their goals. With access to over 40 lenders, leading Fountain Finance finance broker, John Sandona, is committed to providing people with competitive loans and a customer-focussed, dedicated and personal service.

Meet your broker!

By partnering with Fountain Finance, we can help you cut through the jargon of finance and help you find the loan options right for you. Leading Finance Broker, John Sandona, has a wealth of experience in finance and property and is committed to providing customers with loan solutions. Call 0418 700 751 today!