Your first home is not just four walls and a roof – it can be the most valuable asset that you own as well as the initial step towards true financial freedom. However, as with most important things in life, there are barriers to owning your first property. Saving for a deposit, finding the most suitable home loan, and of course, discovering the right property are just some of the issues you might face.

Finding the right home loan

The world of home loans is in constant flux, with changing rules and laws and interest rates. The restriction and loosening of lending laws can make a big difference and it pays to keep up to date. Better yet, speak to us to make sure you have access to the widest range of home loans possible.

Consider rentvestment

When you buy a property, you might think that the goal is to be an owner-occupier and live in the home yourself. However, the Housing Industry Association of Australia describes how more and more first-home buyers are choosing the path of the ‘rentvestor’ – buying a home and leasing it while renting another home yourself.

Rentvestment allows you to put your property to work and earn some rent as well as capital gains. You do have to consider your own rental payments of course, but purchasing the right property can allow you to offset your own rent completely, and even have some left over to pay the mortgage.

Whatever your method, getting onto the property ladder is one of the most major decisions you will ever make. Do it with the right advice, and speak to us today.


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