Personal Loans

If you’re anything like the typical Aussie, your households average disposable income is around $1,000 a week, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Considering that rent across the capital cities is on average almost $500, you might have very little left over after food, utilities and fun-money is all deducted. In this situation, a low-interest personal loan may be a smart option, to help you afford unexpected expenses or pay for a desperately needed vacation.

Take a holiday, you deserve it

Ambitious, career-focused workers are often put under pressure to do longer hours, go above and beyond, and potentially even forego annual leave. The Fountain Finance team can help find a suitable loan product so you could be soaking up tropical sun in a matter of days, returning to work with a refreshed mind and a rejuvenated body.

Be able to afford emergency costs

The old adage, “expect the unexpected” is apt when organising your finances. Anything could happen, from an unfortunate fender bender on the way to work, to your children discovering a passion for DIY and “improving” your walls with creative crayon art. Savings may have you covered in the event of one or two mishaps, but we all know the superstition of bad things tending to come in threes.

If a series of unexpected and unfortunate costs force you to scrape the bottom of your bank account, a personal loan might be helpful to get you through. Enlist the assistance of a Fountain Finance broker and you can be sure that such a loan will be personally tailored to you and your situation.


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